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    • The vinyl from which these decals are made can be removed if necessary but will not be reusable or repositionable. This brand is semi-permanent and rated to last 2-5 years.  Heat and hand lotions will weaken the adhesive properties of your decal.
    • The vinyl we use is waterproof. Please lightly hand wash any drinkware which has a decal on it, but don’t soak it.
    • The decals are not microwavable or dishwasher safe.  
    • When ordering your Monograms, the size of the decal refers to the height of the middle letter. If you choose a frame, the height will be determined by the height of the frame.
    • For smaller monograms, Fonts 3, 14 and 15 are the best choices.
    • Multiple sizes are available so that you are able to choose the appropriate sizing for your product.
    • Please be very careful when giving us your personalization information so that it is correct. The monogram initials will be in the order of first, Last, middle. (i.e. Jackie Melissa Baxter would be jBm in monogram initials.)
    • Vinyl is very difficult to perfectly display through pictures. The vinyl color and print swatches as shown on your computers, phones, and tablets may look slightly different due to differing color displays. The coloring of the actual product may vary slightly from your screen.
    • Vinyl adheres best to hard, smooth surfaces such as laptops, car windows, tablets, notebooks, cups and more.
    • Decals should be applied as soon as possible after shipment to ensure optimal application. Please wipe the surface of the item you are applying the decal to with rubbing alcohol and let dry for a few minutes before applying your decal.
    • Transfer tape is used over the vinyl decal for easy removal from backing to place the decal onto smooth surface. Use a credit card to scrape across the transfer tape to secure the decal to the tape.
    • Application instructions can be found on our website under the information tab. There are also numerous videos on YouTube should you need further assistance.